The Secrets Of Taking Care Of A Leather Jacket

The Secrets Of Taking Care Of A Leather Jacket

Leather is a noble material that requires special attention to age in good conditions. We have gathered here the key information so that the maintenance of leather is no longer a mystery for you!

Cleaning: Like a new penny

No care of the leather bomber jacket without a good cleaning! As in the maintenance of textile equipment, the microfiber towel will remain your greatest ally in this field. Whenever possible, use light colored wipes to clean your dirty leather by the kilometers. Begin by impregnating the wipe with lukewarm water and crystal vinegar. Rub the entire surface of the skin gently, emphasizing the dirtiest areas (seams, etc.)

The dirt is much encrusted? The temptation of the green back of the sponge is great to finish quicklyHowever; abrasive objects are to be avoided: you risk marking the leather permanently.

Rinse the cloth as soon as it begins to get dirty (hence the interest of the light color) to not spread the dirt. When your leather bomber jacket men has found its original cleanliness, redo a passage with the wipe soaked in clear water to remove any residue and chase the sour odor.

Treatment: A youthful look for your leather!

Before proceeding, make sure your bomber jacket leather is dry. This step is to repel when you just wiped a shower!

Use a leather care cream, which will nourish it deeply. Apply it with a soft cloth and rotate it. Then leave for an hour. Then, wipe off the last piece of cloth to remove excess balm and polish the leather. You’ll be surprised how young you’ll look after your jacket, your favorite jumpsuit, or your favorite pants!

The Secrets Of Taking Care Of A Leather Jacket

For extra leather protection, you can also use a special leather protector. This product, which is in the form of a bomb, will make it less messy and delay the impregnation with water during prolonged showers. Essential for those who ride every day!

Leather care: How often?

Clean and treat your mens leather bomber jacket twice a year, if possible, to ensure optimal life. Take advantage, for example, of the end of the season to make it look new again, before it is returned to the closet until the following spring, and put it back after the spring.

  • If you drive all year, you will have to stick to it more often, the winter season proving particularly harsh for this second skin.
  • From time to time, a little wet wipe to remove or dust off your jacket will help to separate the leather care sessions.


In addition to its maintenance, the good aging of your brown leather bomber jacket is also based on how you store it. A jacket hanging from a coat rack will eventually become deformed. The ideal is to hang it on a hanger and store it in a room well dry and ventilated, to prevent mold and promote drying.

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